The Paradice Backyard Ice Rink Resurfacers

How it Works


 You can create your own ice skating ParadICE, with the ParadICE resurfacer that is right for you.  Simply attach a standard garden hose water supply, and effortlessly pull the ParadICE resurfacer across your pond, lake, or back-yard rink.   

Product Description


The light weight frame and handle provide a durable structure, supported by dual roller wheels to allow motion without plowing snow into ice dams.  The non-corrosive water distribution system delivers water to the ice surface. The specially designed ParadICE spreader evenly spreads water into a thin layer of new ice, while smoothing the surface and filling gaps created by skate blades, snow, or natural irregularities.  

Convenient Storage


The ParadICE handle is ergonomically positioned for comfort and control. When not in use, the handle is removable with the pull of a pin and stows on the frame for compact storage.  

Utility Vehicle Attachment



An optional UTV trailer hitch receiver attachment is available. This option is an excellent choice if water can be supplied by a portable tank and flexible hose on your utility vehicle. Simply choose the attachment that is right for you during checkout in our online store.

ParadICE Options


Choose from the wide, UTV ready P66 or the light weight, economical P46 ice rink resurfacer.  

Whether you maintain a small backyard rink by hand, or a large lake rink with a UTV, ParadICE has the best resurfacer for you.

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Creating Your Skating ParadICE

Prepare the Surface

Shovel loose snow off the ice.  It's OK to let a thin layer of snow fill gaps and cracks.  The ParadICE resurfacer will turn it into a solid, flat skating surface.

Create New Ice with the ParadICE Resurfacer

Attach a water source using a standard garden hose to the ParadICE Resurfacer.  Start at the furthest edge from the water source and pull the resurfacer in a straight line pattern, like painting a floor.

Stow the ParadICE Resurfacer

Stow the ParadICE resurfacer in a location where the temperature is above freezing, to prevent clogging the spreader with ice.

You may choose to remove the handle and replace in the compact stowed configuration.

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